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Full Version: Rainbow Magic Ebooks
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Can Someone please make a torrent of all these Rainbow Magic Ebooks by Daisy Meadows:

Fairy Annual 2013
Fairy Annual 2014
The Ultimate Fairy Annual 2015
Fabulous Fairy Annual 2016
The Helping Fairies
The Funfair Fairies
The Endangered Animals Fairies
The Discovery Fairies
The After School Sports Fairies
The Festival Fairies
Daisy the Festival Fairy
Catherine the Fashion Princess Fairy
Becky the Best Friend Fairy
Melissa the Sports Fairy
Fizz the Fireworks Fairy
Susie the Sister Fairy
Sianne the Butterfly Fairy
Samira the Superhero Fairy
Maria the Mother's Day Fairy
Ellen the Explorer Fairy
Cara the Coding Fairy
Sasha the Slime Fairy
Ivy the Worry Fairy
Camilla the Christmas Present Fairy
Padma the Pirate Fairy
Greta the Earth Fairy
Brianna the Bee Fairy
Konnie the Christmas Cracker Fairy
Jude the Librarian Fairy
Hannah the Happy Ever After Fairy
Charlotte the Baby Princess Fairy
Tiana the Toy Fairy (Both First and Second Books)
Meghan the Wedding Sparkle Fairy
Zainab the Squishy Toy Fairy
Jae the Boy Band Fairy
Jacinda the Peace Fairy
Maryam the Nurse Fairy
So that's just it then... no help provided, no reply back, no signal, nothing... Just plain old ridicule and treating me like I don't exist *sigh* as if my life was already meaningless enough as it already is.
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