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Full Version: I am confused about these Spiderwick books
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It says these are the special editions of the Spiderwick Seeing stone but I don’t understand what that is and when searching on Library Genesis or PirateBay I don’t see these books either
Libgen is not a particularly good source of fiction. It is more academic in scope, though there is plenty of fiction there, it may not be latest or greatest.

Somewhere in this thread is an excellent resource for finding books, which covers multiple search engines.

I have it bookmarked, but not on this machine....
Ok but that doesn’t answer my question about the books I was asking about and I have found quite a few books I didn’t find on PirateBay

It has links to other sites for downloards, like bookzz (that name keeps changing) which are more likely to have pop fiction.

Libgen is kinda the gold standard for online libraries for educational and research material.

Hope this helps Wink
@User-waregim ... is very old library, but if you found some Martin Mystere strips in English, you are our guy, because Martin Mystere strips are whole true, in some un-explanation way(ancient knowledge by Sicilian Masters), .. by us few
only. Deep true Mystery.
original is:
I have no idea what you are even talking about
Hey @cooltwou nothing special, it`s a search bar for strips.

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