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Full Version: Songs are always missing parts
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I've been trying to snag Coldplay Clocks and Viva La Vida for weeks now. Every time I try there's skips in the songs. I've tried downloading multiple times and multiple torrents. It also happened to Peter Gabriel and others as well. Is there something I'm not thinking of? I use PIA VPN, Windows. Thank you.
Torrent downloads check for file integrity ensuring you have exactly what was uploaded (you did wait for the download to complete yes?), so re-downloading is not gonna fix the issue, nor does vpn have any influence. It could be the uploader packed incomplete tracks, but seeing how this is a recurring issue with many different downloads, I suspect it's a playback issue on your end. Try copying the tracks to a usb drive/cd and play on another machine/device to confirm.
i have run across a growing number of fakes probably driven by trolls