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Full Version: Complete Works of W E B Dubois
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Including his history of the slave trade. Incredibly hard to find.
I take it you checked libgen? ( )

Here is what I found on usenet and IRC:

[Image: ZX1Jtvp.png]

Wrapped up in a zip-file for your convenience:

There are some stuff I wasn't able to get from IRC as the uploader (flipmoran) is not online - you might wanna check back later to see if you can get it (#bookz on undernet). Copypaste this into the chat and hope for the best
!FlipMoran Darkwater (BM) (1920) - W E B Du Bois.htm
!FlipMoran The Suppression of the African Slave Trade to the United States of America 1638-1870 (PG) (1896) - W Du Bois.epub

Edit: Got the aforementioned two books as well:

Edit#2: Just realized you can get most of these and more at gutenberg:
Once again, many thanks!

The slave trade book must've just recently appeared. Almost unknown except tor specialized historians, and considered a rare book in any edition (though possibly POD by now!).

Even the UNC collection didnt have it, the last I looked.