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Full Version: Ice Airport Alaska (Smithsonian Channel)
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I've only seen S01E01 ("Winter is Coming") and am hoping to see the rest of Season 1.
Episode 2 :

Episode 3 :

Episode 4 :

Episdoe 5 :

Episode 6 :
I have gotten all of the episodes to begin downloading except for 4, which is still at 1 percent.
I'll give it a few more hours and see if it takes off.

Thank you for all of the links.
(May 09, 2021, 23:04 pm)ClockworkApocalypse Wrote: [ -> ]Episode 4

It's still at 1 percent. Is it possible to download a video from DailyMotion?
Thank you! I now have learned a new way to d/l DailyMotion vids to my Android 11 phone!  Smile
Glad to help out Smile
For some reason DM continually stops downloading at around 210 mb (I'm trying to get a 480p resolution copy that is 272 mb). Frustrating...
I ripped it at 720p from DM and slapped it up on my MEGA for ya Smile

I.A.A. Ep.4 (720p)
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