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Full Version: Who's the Boss? (1984) CTV version
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Was shocked to find the complete series on CTV! Too bad it's only for Canada and not for purchase yet, cause I'd buy it in a second! Does anyone know where to find this version or someone who can rip it (with CC)? We need this version, it looks great!
What's the difference between the version on CTV and the other version?

Complete "Who's The Boss?" webrips from April 2021
The other version I found on somewhere else looks like it's the old Nick at Night set. Def a step down in quality.

Double checking the ones here, but think it's the same set.

Yup, same set as far as I can tell. The CTV set looks awesome! Hopefully someone can rip and share it.

Think this request can be made? Anyone know how to rip it?
Does anyone know how to rip those? Or can send me instructions on how to do them myself?
Well, you'd need access to the channel, and you'd have to capture it, as CTV uses encryption.

Google 'capture'
I amSmile
(May 17, 2021, 22:42 pm)ieatclowns1990 Wrote: [ -> ]I amSmile

Are you able to capture it? Looked into capturing it, don't have the right equipment/software yet.