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Full Version: [Reseed] Even Stevens All Seasons
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Hello. I've been trying to download the complete series of Even Stevens (2000-2003) for quite a while now and every single season stalls at 0%.

Here are the links to the torrents on RARBG:

If anyone on here can help me out by reseeding these torrents, I would really appreciate it as these are the best available rips that I could find for this show.

Thanks in advance.
After some searching around, I was able to find another source that is hosting the same SRS Disney+ Webrips of this show.!hAhn2QIQ!GzorIvHcR1RX2tSvxaMPcw

However, only a few episodes remain on that MEGA link which was posted on that thread. If anyone on here has managed to download the entire series and still has it somewhere on their hard drive, please reupload it for me. I've been looking for the Disney+ rips of this show for over a year now with very little success so far since the iTunes rips (particularly of Season 3) are in subpar quality at times due to Apple's insistence on using a low bitrate on SD video (only 1.5 Mbps) to the point where I think the Disney+ rips can look better.

Alternatively if anyone on here knows how to properly rip content directly from the Disney+ servers and is willing to share their methods with me, I would appreciate that too. I've tried doing it myself with the widevine-l3-decryptor Chrome extension, and unfortunately Disney+ has crippled their WV L3 streams to the point where they look worse than iTunes (only 512x384p at 1.2 Mbps compared to the 640x480p at 3 Mbps used for WV L1).

Thank you.
If anyone on here has managed to download these particular rips of this show and still have them on their hard drive somewhere, please reseed/reupload it for me as I'm still looking for it. I've been downloading these for three whole days and they keep stalling at a certain percentage (81% for Season 3), so I'd certainly appreciate all the help I can get for obtaining these perfect rips of this rare treasure.

Someone was helpful enough to send me scene-rls links to this show, but unfortunately I got an "Access Denied" error when I tried to access that site (either they've blocked VPN users or you need an invite to access it). Sad
This link works fine with and without my VPN turned on --
(Apr 16, 2021, 03:00 am)ClockworkApocalypse Wrote: [ -> ]This link works fine with and without my VPN turned on --

Okay, I've just tried again and it looks like I'm able to access it without my VPN, I've also tried to access it with the VPN in normal (not private) browsing by the off chance that Private Browsing was blocking it, still got access denied (I'm using ExpressVPN and Firefox). I think I'll try to download them tomorrow and see how that goes.
Honestly, grabbing from sites like rapidgator, I wouldn't worry too much at all about VPNs and so on.

There's a lot of stuff whipped up about using VPNs, and most of that is stirred up by companies trying to sell you VPNs lol
UPDATE: With the help of Solarwinds, I was able to obtain the SRS rips of seasons 1 and 2, here are the links:

Season 1:

Season 2 Episodes 1-10:

Season 2 Episodes 11-22:

NOTE FOR THOSE DOWNLOADING: For the season 2 links, clear your browser data and change your VPN location between downloads to avoid a 30 minute wait time (and possibly other restrictions). 1fichier is a French website, but you can change the language to English by clicking the flag icon on the top of the page. If you're downloading either one (or both) of these seasons, I would advise mirroring them in some capacity (whether it's direct download links or torrents) because I don't know how long these links will last. Give credit to both Solar and SRS if you're mirroring these somewhere.

NOTE FOR MODERATORS: I have been unable to determine if 1fichier links are allowed on this site. If they aren't, remove the season 2 links from this post. I do know that MEGA links are allowed, though.

Now, as for season 3, I was able to visit scene-rls without a VPN and copy the links to a Notepad document in order to circumvent their VPN block. Unfortunately, the only active links they have are RapidGator links which require premium membership in order to download at fast speeds. I tried to download an episode for free, but it was excruciatingly slow (100 kbps) and the download failed after about an hour.

I have tried the season 3 RARBG torrent yesterday and it got to 89%, I've noticed that it has a UK-based seeder that is active at nighttime (the Netherlands "seeder" is a metadata seed, for those who are wondering), so I think I'll try that again tomorrow night and hope for the best. Perhaps if I time it correctly, I can get to 100% in a few days.

Wish me luck. Smile