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Full Version: The Modern Man Products
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Looking for those courses:

Alpha Male Power
Mastery Methods & Mindsets
Better Than a Bad Boy
Make Her Love You For Life
The Flow

LMK if you guys have any links
The Flow by Dan Bacon (he has a cool game) / The Modern Man is available here:


I also suggest you to go through the bellow landing page coz The Flow is much like an activity / skill to create the 'Spark of attraction' which is good to have but the bellow one lays the foundation (thought process) & roadmap for execution of The Flow & to a large extent also to The Modern Man Ideology. So, the skills / activity naturally comes from within.

PS: A proper duckduckgo search should get you the above file if not HMU, I'll share bro.
Thanks buddy. Got it
I’ve seen ad somewhere and wanted to know whats that about.
Had his course about convo which was cool one.