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Full Version: Bolivia's largest solar plant goes online
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On Wednesday, February 10, President Luis Arce Catacora inaugurated phase 2 of the Oruro Photovoltaic Solar Plant, located in the community of Ancotanga, 41 km from the city of Oruro.

Phase 2 of the project generates 50 MW and raises the generating capacity of the plant to 100 MW that is injected into the National Interconnected System at the same time that it contributes to the change of the energy matrix that the national government pursues with the generation of sustainable electricity from a social and environmental perspective.

Within the framework of the urgent reactivation of the country's strategic sectors, the President delivered the second phase of the Oruro Photovoltaic Solar Plant that guarantees clean energy for the development of the city of Oruro, contributing to the displacement of natural gas consumption in electricity generation.

This plant was built on 208 hectares in which 300 thousand polycrystalline-type panels with a capacity of 330 Watts each were installed, it has 19 inverters.

With this work, Oruro becomes a clean energy generator department and covers 100% of its energy demand.

In addition to the Oruro Solar Photovoltaic Plant, Bolivia has several solar plants among them: Cobija Solar Plant in Pando that generates 5 MW, Yunchará Solar Plant in Tarija with the production of 5 MW, Uyuni Solar Plant in the department of Potosí with 60 MW and others with lower installed power such as those built in Remanso and El Sena.

The implementation of friendly energies with Mother Earth has already meant considerable progress in changing the energy matrix, currently 50% of the electricity distributed in the country comes from renewable or alternative sources.