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Full Version: TPB: Can't Download w/o Registering?
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I keep getting this alert that I need to make an account with piratebay to download, but apparently it's closed. Why do I keep getting this alert?

On top of that, I've attempted to download several games today, and each one hasn't uploaded to Vuze because "no source found", when everything was fine yesterday.
If you're using a proxy (they have nothing to do with us), try another one that doesn't display ads, or use the official pirate bay domain (listed at the bottom of every forum page) and if you're not using an adblocker, get one. You don't need an account to download torrents from TPB.

I don't know what games you've been trying to download, or whether you've downloaded some fakes that have since been removed, but there are currently no copies of 'Beyond Blue - PLAZA' on TPB.
Odd, I must've been on a different one. This was the one I had been directed too. I'll move to the real one.