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Full Version: Fresh Off the Boat 720p x265
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I'm looking for the following Fresh off the Boat seasons/episodes in 720p x265:
- S01E05
- S02

Thanks in advance!
Season 2 in 1080p x265 any good to you?



Here is Season 2 in 720p also


Season 1 in 1080p :

magnet:?xt=urn:btih: D97A2A4E934E17A6D6C41F83E55B5344E17EEE08&dn=Fresh+Off+the+Boat+Season+01+1080p+%5BPhr0stY%5D&

(Had to put a space in near the start of the magnet, so as to avoid a Big Grin)
I stick to 720p (or tiny 1080p) releases due to space constraints. Thanks anyways!
I posted Season 2 in 720p in my edit
(Jan 26, 2021, 16:12 pm)ClockworkApocalypse Wrote: [ -> ]I posted Season 2 in 720p in my edit

I was looking for x265 to keep the size down but that's a pretty decent size. Thank you!
No worries Smile At least I ended up being some kind of help lol