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Full Version: [PSA] To everyone requesting XP11 addons: Please check if the addon uses SASL v3!
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I have seen a lot of posts browsing the game requests section for X-Plane 11 Addons of planes that use SASL v3. SASL v3 is a form of activator that checks activation of an addon when it is loaded and uses end-to-end encryption that is impossible to break without it noticing and denying it. The lua files it uses are also heavily encrypted and has tamper protection. Needless to say, people have spent a long time (ever since it first came out) trying to crack it with 0 progress, so it is proven that it is uncrackable and therefore any addon that uses it is uncrackable. It is really annoying to see people bumping these addons asking for it when it will never happen. What I am trying to say is for the person requesting it (who created the topic) should actually check what activation system it uses before posting to make an actually worthwhile post. So, in the end, if you want an XP11 addon, make sure it doesnt use SASL v3 to avoid wasting your time and other people's time.

(p.s. if this is in the wrong section i do apologize i don't know where the best place to put it is.)
(p.s.s. a dedicated flight sim request subform would be nice)