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Full Version: Software Wars: The Movie (new documentary about open source / Linux)
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So, I was looking for Linux documentaries to buy and rip, but turns out the director of "Software Wars" put it out as a torrent himself. I merely re-uploaded that same torrent to TPB with a bunch of added trackers, to grow the already existing swarm. Kind of surprised no one had done it before me, as that torrent has already been linked on the official page for months.

Here's a link to the torrent:

Here's a link to the official web page about the documentary:

Here's a link to the updated torrent file (with trackers added), in case anyone wants to upload it to other torrent sites:
Nice one for putting it on TPB, Fant0men Smile
(Nov 29, 2020, 13:44 pm)Spud17 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice one for putting it on TPB, Fant0men Smile

It's strictly public service on my part Smile

Documentary is a great watch too. I was not disappointed.