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Full Version: msvcp.dll Missing
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I've been try to download some games/programs and sometimes I'll get this error I tried every tutorial to get it fixed but it never works? is it a cracked games/programs problem? 
[Image: BXmHmg6.png]
always check the user name.. if all there files are the same size I would say its fake.. and every post information is worded the same is a no no
delete the dodgy file and do a antivirus and maleware scans on your computer

Download and Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 from official Microsoft site.

Or You can try this all-in-one solution.Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Pack (2005-2017) (x86-x64)

And add that folder to exclusion (where downloaded program or game is installed in your antivirus/antimalware program.)
I have done all those things mention above , removed and reinstalled all the C++ , download and installed the DLL file , still can't install crack software . Im trying to think of something new , maybe a 2nd boot disk with another OS , I dont know
You can try downloading and installing a MSVC or XNA or even an SDK for those, but old XNA platform was just deprecated, no longer supported by MS. I used it with much success with many missing DLLs.

OR, if you're brave enough, just look for one of those DLL downloading sites. I also use them sometimes. You're on your own risk at those.

However, the odds are nearly certain that its a booger.

Post the logfile from Hijackthis - and we might be able to find it.