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Full Version: Full Seasons Of American Idol, Canadian Idol, etc
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Hey guys!

Hopefully someone can help me complete my collection.

I'm looking for full seasons of American Idol (1-10), Canadian Idol, Australian Idol, and NZ Idol.  These are from the famous Idol singing competition franchise.

To give a few search examples within ThePirateBay :

Canadian Idol
Australian Idol
NZ Idol

Anything that can be provided would be appreciated.  Even the single episodes with 1 seeds do not seem to be downloading.

Still looking for uploads, reseeds, etc.

I'm also looking on private trackers. No luck.
I found some episodes on Usenet.

I now have American Idol seasons 9 and 10 completed. I have Canadian Idol season 2 completed. I am one episode away from having Canadian Idol season 6 completed (episode 1). I also now have Australian Idol season 7 completed.

Just a friendly bump. Smile
youtube have american idol uploaded by albert makalew.
His uploads of earlier seasons are taken from American Idol Rewind, which are edited compared to the original show.

He also has watermarks on his videos.
I was able to get American Idol filled as a request on another tracker.

Is anyone able to find the other three : Canadian Idol, Australian Idol, NZ Idol?