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Full Version: The Detectives (1959)
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The Detectives (1959) Robert Taylor

This series is public domain now, which, weirdly, will make it harder to find.

It never got a media release, except in Germany (A complete boxset was released in 2015. All the episodes were dubbed into German, as opposed to subtitled, as is the norm in Germany, and the release does not have any English language option), and the show hasn't been re-broadcast fully for over 15 years (Back when it was called "Captain of Detectives" in syndication)

However, that being said, there are a few websites (like lovingtheclassics) that sell pirate boxsets, that do sell The Detectives (VHS to disc transfers), so maybe someone has bought one of these pirate boxsets and can up the files.

(Yeah, these sites mostly sell public domain content, so it's not really pirate material, but you know what I mean lol)
ClockworkApocalypse, thanks alot for the info/