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Full Version: Get search results sorted by upload date
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So with the new site, whenever I search for anything I get the results sorted by seeders. I usually want it sorted by upload date instead. Sure, I can click on the header for Uploaded and get it sorted, but that'll only sort the results already on the page. It doesn't give me an actual search sorted by Uploaded.

Is there any way, like a URL parameter I can add to get the search result based on upload date instead, regardless of seeders?
Whenever I search for anything, I get the result sorted by seeders. I usually want it sorted by Uploaded so I click on that column header.

What I get is the searchresults sorted by year and month descending, but by day ascending! IF there are a lot of search results, that means that I sometimes have to go down to the middle of the page to find the latest upload. Is this changable in any way, URL parameter or something, or can we perhaps get this changed in some way?
The column "uploaded" doesn't work properly:

The datesort is faulty:


Dates becomes:  (Later to earlier?!?)