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Full Version: VPN help question
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When you turn computer off, does the vpn disconnect before you shut down completely and leave room for your privacy to be exposed when shutdown is activated?

Say you was using torrent and downloading, then you shut the pc down while connected to the vpn and the torrent wasnt stopped, is there a possibility of exposure of data? I would guess it would have to depend on the shutdown process, but i am not sure.
You shouldn't be relying on your OS to shut things down in any particular order.

Either stop the client before shutting down, or use a client the binds to the VPN interface so there is no chance for it to make connections outside of the VPN.
It is always a good idea to turn off the VPN before shutdown so it can restore the default connection for the next reboot. Else you mayl mysteriously lose your internet connection.

Its an even better idea to *bind* the VPN to the tap/tun connection. Some torrent clients, like qbittorrent allow for this. Transfer ceases when the VPN connection is interrupted.
You should turn off the VPN before shutdown.
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