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Full Version: 737 MAX 10 - Boeing [ Xplane11 ]
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(Aug 26, 2021, 19:58 pm)Flighting123 Wrote: [ -> ]when the engines are off go to the avitab then open the doors, and then u can retract the stairs and slides (open all doors)

I was with Avitab version 0.3.20.
I just updated to AviTab version 0.4.6 and now SLIDES and AIRSTAIRS start collapsing. Problem solved!
But even in COLD&DARK they don't work, they don't lower or retract and the doors are always kept in LOCKED state, they don't open.
But what matters is that the main problem is solved, the SLIDES and AIRSTAIRS are collected.
Thanks so much for the tips!
no prob!
site is taken down and i want to download the 737 MAX 8 so can anyone share the link for it thx! (google drive link)
this is max 10
sadly i dont hv max 8 as i deleted few months ago and i want that max 8 too this is for max 8 thx for max 10 Smile
dont worry the web just came back to live and the files are all there now :DD
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