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Full Version: Pirate Browser and Tor Browser?
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Before my question, let me state that I am NOT a computer savvy individual, and pretty much rely on installers to set things up instead of delving into the inner workings of a program.

THAT said, I have the old Pirate Browser on one of my hard drives, and it worked fine for a looonng time. But. Problem is suddenly now it won't start and keeps giving me the messages in the images I've added.

I thought I'd try out the Tor Browser, since the Pirate Browser is telling me it's out of date and to fix it (which I have no idea how to update or do). Problem is the Tor Browser won't start either and keeps giving me the message in the image I've added.

Is there ANYONE who can and is willing to try to help me sort this out and get one or both browsers working?
What OS?

Tor stopped working on my XP machine. I may have accidentally let it update.
Dont ever allow browsers to update if you have older hardware.
that looks like a old 0.7 version

have you tried the newest pirate tor browser ?

Pirate Tor Browser 0.8 (9.0.7)


here's a older version..

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