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Full Version: Storing media on Google Drive?
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I have been reading about Offcloud and Bitport and also read that Google uses hashchecks to find content that may go against the terms of service on Drive. I imagine many users of Offcloud and Bitport are using Google Drive to store said content, and considering how popular these services seem to be, does this mean that Google do not really check?
I would like to use my unlimited Google Drive storage to store some media, and also share some of that media with friends and family, without having to worry that there may be some issues with content and my account will be deleted etc. Perhaps you only need to worry if you are using - anyone with the link can access - links, and posting these publicly?
I sync files from my linux PC using Insync, and I have been looking at adding some kind of encryption using Cryptomator but this is causing a lot of problems - maybe I do not need to bother?
Using anything to do with Google like especially Google storage is not advisable.  I would avoid completely, find an alternative method instead.  Google are bad news and they are not trustable at all.