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Full Version: Can't make an account on the pirate bay site proper
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I'm trying to make an account on the pirate bay site (not this forum obviously I've already got that) and it continually gives me the error "Wrong code x.The username and/or e-mail address is already in use." The problem is I am certain that the email is not in use (I never signed up for an account before with it and even checked if someone did with it before I had the address by using the "forgot password" form) and I have put like 30 different names in there from simple ones to ridiculous ones which have such a slim chance of being taken it's silly.

Anyone faced this problem? Anyone know how to fix it? Can anyone help me out? I'd very much like to get commenting on torrents and will obviously need an account for that.

I am using the form provided here:

Ahh crap, I think I posted this to the wrong forum. It should be under the "Account Issues" forum. I don't know how to change it though Confused
(Dec 05, 2019, 11:50 am)workerbee Wrote: [ -> ]

Thanks man. You would think they would take down the registration form or put up a message of their own but alas. appreciate it