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Full Version: German banks will start selling Bitcoin in 2020
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The future of seeing cryptocurrencies intermingle with traditional money services is inevitable, and such a case will happen in 2020 with German banks making headway in selling Bitcoin (BTC).

A local news outlet, Handelsblatt, reported that under the new law that implements the fourth EU Money Laundering Directive, banking institutions can now provide digital assets to their clients. The bill has already been passed by Bundestag, Germany's federal parliament.

By next year, banks will be able to provide their clients crypto investments alongside traditional securities like bonds and stocks with just a "push of a button."

Sven Hildebrandt, the head of the consulting firm DLC, said, "Germany is well on its way to becoming a crypto-heaven. The German legislator is playing a pioneering role in the regulation of crypto-truths. "

The final version of the bill is distinct from the previous one, with banks having the authority to provide crypto transactions without the need for external custodians or special subsidiaries. 

Another similar integration of Bitcoin technology with banking services is already in the works with the Royal Bank of Canada. The Toronto-based bank is planning to launch a platform where clients can freely trade Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) and a bank account that combines both fiat and digital assets.
The idea is simple, and some central banks are openly talking about it.
To move the world, with baby steps towards a cashless society. A ledger system is ideal since every transaction can be tracked. Ever more so with BTC associated with a bank account.

Eventually to be replaced by a universal crypto-currency issued by the central banks, particularly the Bank of International Settlements.

Imprinted with the motto :
"All your ass(ets) are belong to us"
Cashless society is society under full control of the bankers that will be in the future, one question is when!? All your money will be under their control. Bitcoins now can be a very huge support in future for many people.
I'm glad that American banks haven't implemented using Bitcoin, or hundreds of other digital currencies including Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP to name a few.

The American Dollar has decreased in value over the decades, but as fiat currency it's at least been consistent for long periods of time. Bitcoin goes up and down. In the past few years since I started using BTC, it's been as low as $6000 to as much as $18,000 per Bitcoin. For much of 2020 it was in the $8000 to $9000 range, but in the past month the value has been well over $11,000.

Of course those of us do business now tend to use Bitcoin more than any other online currency, because it has the greatest value and be easily exchanged for many countries' fiat currencies with an inexpensive VISA or MasterCard debit card. Although I use it primarily to make purchases and earn money from business opportunities, for those who invest it continues to have the greatest value. Maybe more so now during a pandemic that before, but It just worked out that way.
In future banks will work with cryptocurrencies, it's just the question of time. But it will increase the pressure and regulation methods on crypto. 90% of coins are easy to track, especially, if you buy it from your own credit card. If you want to be anonymous - use only cash Smile
Sooner or later, everyone will use cryptocurrencies. It's inevitable! Bye-bye fiat Smile