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Full Version: Drawing at Your Free Time?
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What do you guys draw to kill the time?

Being one that hasn't drawn anything in decades, I drew anime characters and Marvel (most especially X-Men).

I get the heads right, butthe whole body is more than hard.

I've attended art classes in high school, but I hated it because of art history. I didn't fucking give a shit about the Renaissance period or any of that.  I just want to do some fun things, but meh.

What do you guys draw at your free time?
[Image: imgbin-firearm-cartoon-drawing-pistol-ha...4ZYAhJ.jpg]
Most times this kills.
Thanks, dueda.

Feel free to post your works!

Sorry if there is a similar thread, so if there is one, then trash this version.
Oh, that isn't mine, just an example I found. But when I used to draw, on paper, there was a lot of guns involved.
Never really liked graphics editors, maybe because I never could afford a good digitizer table and stylus.

[Image: Master.gif]
it appears that is fake limited ucked site. we will see how long this will be, he..
[Image: Master.gif]