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Full Version: The Grand Tour - Series 3 - FOURTEEN episodes!
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I'm currently sharing series 3 of The Grand Tour, (all downloaded from TPB.)  However, while my share ratio is between 2.6 and 9.5 for episodes 1 to 13, it seems very few people might be aware there was a 14th episode. I've been seeding episode 14 for a total of 69 hours, but only 108 MB has been uploaded (compared with 25 GB for episode 11).

I'm just curious, because I've never seen this happen before. I've been seeding episode 1 for 379 hours, and it's still being "snatched." But not the final episode.

Following the helpful suggestion from RobertX, here's the link to the version I downloaded, nearly three weeks after it was broadcast, and only after my mate in Italy alerted me to the fact that there was a 14th episode:

Just to be clear: they're not MY uploads. I just go looking on Pirate Bay each time a new episode appears. I was late getting episode 14, because I, like probably many others, recall Jeremy in the first episode, referring to what we could expect over the following thirteen weeks.

Even now (early hours of Friday, May 10, 2019) I've got Vuze running, and I can see I've uploaded 31.4 GB of episode 13 (4.982 times the original file size). But - episode 14? Just 108.04 MB or 0.044 times the file size.

My theory is that many Grand Tour enthusiasts are simply not aware there was a fourteenth episode. If anyone can offer any evidence to refute that theory, I'd love to see it.

Perhaps it will help your case if you showed the link on this page. Your difficulty might be that not a lot of people know about your uploads.

Not trying to be an asshole.