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Full Version: Does Someone have a Daz3D studio (Paid Version) Link I can download???
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Hey, I'm new to Daz 3d studio, I just found out about it and I wanted to use it and make some character designs. I tried to find download links on here but I just can't seem to find any only Daz packs with characters which isn't what I'm looking for. If anyone has Daz3d studio download link and Iray render download link (Needed so I can render the characters I make) please share it with me I really want to make some character designs thanks.
If anyone has a download link for the daz3d studio (The paid version) please put a link for me to download can't seem to find any download links for it.
What the heck are you talking about? I've never heard of a paid version of Studio. Do you have a link to this mysterious product?

DAZ Studio is free. It's been free for years. You just go to their website's software forum page for Studio and the top links have their latest GD and beta versions.

If you want something else, you'll have to be more specific.