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Full Version: Daywithapornstar siterip reseed please
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DayWithAPornstar SiteRip 1080p WEB-DL VC-1 WMA [.wmv] (Size: 191.99 GB) user serdix they 27 april 2015 , 0 s i added it in may 2015 

i got it from i  got 153gb but still need 38.5gb got 79.9% of it  by August 2015 

has anyone got this that could reseed it so i can complete it ? just found this folder on an old hard drive

ps i cant find it on the new KAT   

the closest size to it i found here  but thats 201gb and i site you need to join and ive never used it so dont know if it can be trusted plus it may well be different videos