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Full Version: Power Rangers Beast Morphers Ep1 and Onwards 1080p/720p
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I know jmanwf use to do the Web releases for Power Rangers Ninja/Super Ninja Steel. But those were webrips from the website. Now the show is only availabe through the Nick app and I dunno if he'll still do it. I was wondering if anyone would rip the new episodes of the new season, Power Rangers Beast Morphers, from the app and provide them via torrent in either 1080p or 720p. If not then a really good HDTV rip in 1080p or 720p would do. There is a HDTV version of Ep 1 on Daily Motion and You Tube but the quality is not good. Would really appriciate it, Thanks.
Le Bump. Still looking for someone to rip these eps.
Bumping this thread again becuase I need someone to help me with this.