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Full Version: Need A Seeder? Ask here
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Because I have a few TB's of space every month on my seed box, I figured I'd put this here in case anybody needs help with seeding. After all, sharing is caring!

Feel free to move if it should be moved.

My rules:
1.) ThePirateBay links only.
2.) I'll only be seeding each for 1 month.
3.) Torrents must be less than a week old.
4.) Max 25GB per u/l'er/month in requests(more/less depending on requests)
5.) All u/l's must be well seeded until finished loading onto the seedbox (so it's the full torrent obvs)

If you want something boxed, link it and include title + cat.

If anyone else wants to box a request, just reply and quote it as well (so if something's already taken care of).
It's really kind of you to help others. Unfortunately, the torrents that are relatively new will have some seeds. My case is the worst. I need a file that was uploaded around 10 years ago. It is for my study and I need it badly. There is this file called thinkwell math of 9.5gb. If you cannot help as it happens to be against your rules, please suggest me some way. I will be indebted to you.
(May 15, 2020, 02:51 am)Nir Wrote: [ -> ]... There is this file called thinkwell math of 9.5gb. ..

Create a thread in the Requests section of the forum.

Provide a link to the torrent or enough information for someone who has it to be able to seed it.

You may or may not get a reply. So, keep your  torrent running and hope that someone will seed.
Thank you. Did as you told.