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Full Version: How To Import "not regular buyed" Content?
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As example i downloaded this

have extracted them to my documents daz and so on but then that 

[Image: Rap0OyC.png]

(images resized Orginal size via "open in new tab" (imgur) )

and here are my documents

[Image: 75v3kpI.png]

so what did i or what is wrong ? or are we in Linux Times were every Letter ( i mean Upper and lowercase) must be 100% correct ? 

Content of the rar file

[Image: iRozuBB.png]

Or is it so important that the Program is in English and i live in Germany ?

and btw. how can use the installmanager  with not orginal Content ?

Thanks in advance and MC

this file will help you. unzip and use as it is, New > add zip ( that IMxxx things) and create to anywhere or directly to daz install folder etc.
I am a newbie... to Daz & This forum, and was looking for the answer to a similar question.

That is a pretty neat program... xxmanowarxx, Thanks for the link!

I am messing around with it now....
you put the rar/zip file into the DIM download folder (c:\user\<whatever your username is>\documents\DAZ 3D\InstallManager\Downloads\. If you didn't do a custom install, this is where it should be. Then open up DIM and it should see the new zip file and you can select it and hit install. DAZ doesn't check to see if it's 'not regularly bought' or not.

The easiest way is to unzip the file. You should have a content folder and maybe a few jpgs. If you open the content folder, you'll have a set of folders, usually data. people and runtime. You might have some others or something a bit different. Copy these folders over into your DAZ content library folder. Then refresh your DAZ database by left clicking on DAZ Studio Formats on the content library viewport and then right clicking and selecting 'refresh'. This will add the new content into Studio. Your DAZ content folder is usually named My Library or My DAZ 3D Library.

Once you do it a couple of times, it's easy. I never use DIM.