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Full Version: I SPY - SEASON TWO - 1966-67
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I SPY - SEASON TWO - 1966-67 (page info)
I SPY - SEASON TWO - 1966-67 (magnet) 

  This is the 1960's TV show with Robert Culp. The show ran for 3 seasons so there
are actually 3 of these links. The other 2 are complete and I (and I think 1 other)
are hosting.
  I've been sitting on this for year, along with about 20 others. It would be nice to
finally get this completed. Right now this is at 86% of 13.26GB, so there is about
1.80 GB left.

  Won't somebody please donate an hour or so on a decent connection and help
save the internet today!    Smile
Nobody has this? Bummer. Bump.
Still trying. Bump.
So, sad story, even at better than 90% on both of these torrents there are only 2 of the episodes complete.
For me its been 2 years on this. I have share ratios of 37 on the one and 19 on the other. I figure there are something like 80 clients plus, show up intermittently, who would like this to complete.
On searches I haven't even seen any individual episodes go by in a while, long while, so this thing can't be backfilled from "outside".
I am thinking that sometime in July it will be time to give up on this. There has got to be a limit on dragging a dead torent around.