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Full Version: Nintendo Switch Games
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Hey there!

I'm uploading Nintendo Switch games in NSP format, since I see there's almost nothing there.
They all start with "[Switch NSP]" in their title. If you are interested, please seed, since I can't do it all by myself Smile

I also noticed some interesting peers that just monitor my torrents, never happened to me before (or at least not so obviously). Probably Nintendo trying to sue people for piracy? Noticed that it is quite hard to find stuff these days on Torrent.

I also started a PirateBay bot (takes static dumps and RSS dumps) on Telegram, very convenient way to search on TPB really.
How can we play these "NSP" files? Emulator or console?

I raised a similar question in the Games section of this forum.

It's here:
Last time I checked emulators only allowed limited NRO emulation (an NRO is essentialy a glorified ELF). NSP are eshop game format, you can install them in your console (either SD or Flash) using 3rd party apps like Tinfoil (available at github and nightly builds at lavatech).
There's other formats like XCI (which emulate a cartridge) but you might need more complicated firmware and cartridge reader emulation in your console to play them. They are supposed to be safer from eventual Nintendo banning due to emulating a real cartridge, but they are as trivially detectable probably by Nintendo :/ You can find these here:
There are tools to convert XCI -> NSP but i'd rather post games in NSP format (since you can also have updates and DLCs and whatnot).