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Full Version: can't access TPB on more and more devices
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What do I do?
I can't access TPB on my computer at all, it started about 5 days ago but I could on 3 mobile devices. Only 2 days ago I could access it on 2 mobile devices and no computer and today it's only 1 mobile device and no computer. Clearly it's getting worse.
I thought it's my provider's fault but maybe not?
1 mobile device (no access) has 1 provider, 2 others and my computer another provider - all the same.
Errors for my computer are mostly 522 and once a day or so 521, On my mobile devices it just can't open it, no specific error message.

I need TPB mostly for vonRicht's torrents. If there's any verified and trusted site with their torrents, I could wait and see what happens. That is - will I get access if I wait long enough?
Try using TOR or a VPN.
TOR worked perfectly yesterday and I'm reading about VPN which I have never used and have no idea how to set it properly. Will try if needed.
Today there are some problems, I checked TPB status.
Tor is something I've gotten used to, but if you get a VPN, it's actually easier. It pretty much sets itself up and all you do is choose the location of the server to go through, which is as easy as selecting from a list. I check the status of TPB and see where the https site works, set my server there and good to go!

I've noted Tor will malfunction sporadically but usually corrects. But I didn't know how to work a VPN either but figured it out. And if I can do it...
I check the status of TPB and see where the https site works, set my server there and good to go!
How?  Am I missing something ?
[Image: 715a420099bb5df9307153079b5e9ef3.png]
Sorry for the confusion. I wasn't looking at that list. I was referring to the list here (which I should have specified)

Scroll down to Neanderthal's post with the screenshots of what cities/countries are available (listed as "OK"

For my situation: I set myVPN in Kansas and was able to access the HTTPS from there. I also set it to Sweden as a test...