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Full Version: Russian Vibes
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Everything Is Made In China (EIMIC) - Moving Fragments

Manicure - I Wanna Be Free

Александр Барыкин - Элегия

Motorama - Alps

National Anthem of USSR

Nothing comes closer.
Вячеслав Быков Невеста - ля минор

Анне Вески - Поздние письма

The former band t.A.T.u is Russian, which is the extent on my knowledge of Russian music...

2 of my favorites from them are:

Карнавал - Стена

Черниковская Хата - Нажми на кнопку

Brandenburg - Autumn Rain

Live at the Dich Bar, Moscow - October 15, 2016

Silence Kit - Venus

Filmed live at the club Caviar, March, 2008.

(Oct 19, 2018, 01:42 am)Resurgence Wrote: [ -> ]Brandenburg - Autumn Rain

I actually liked that one. Besides the poor (mobile phone) recording, it is good. Thanks for sharing.
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