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Full Version: English changed to another language on TPB
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When I open pirate bay, then click on anything, it changes to the Chinese language, and I can't get it to revert to English, even when I go to the "select language." HELP!
Try clearing your cookies. It's an old problem that resurfaces from time to time
I'm tired of this crap where website developers load their website in the language based on the ip address of where the site visitor is, instead of using the default language of the browser. It's BS. Just because my IP Address says I'm in a Spanish speaking country doesn't mean i want to read the website in Spanish! Come on, it's not rocket science. I, too, do website development, I know, it's not rocket science. In another month when I'm in Africa what language will I be seeing? Then in China? Then in Japan? Give me the site based on the browser language, not the IP Address.
Thank you.
Makes sense, IP is old and "not entirely trustable", but then they'll know about your browser settings. Well, they'll know that, and much more, anyway.
One solution would be to use page auto-translation browser extension to your prefered language.