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Economics, Law & Politics


  1. US imposes more sanctions on Syria (2 Replies)
  2. *Definitive* creation origins of COVID-19 as a bio-weapon funded by the NIAID/NIH (8 Replies)
  3. US: Ogre "relief" bill includes CASE Act, felony streaming bill, and money for Israel (0 Replies)
  4. US government targeting cryptocurrency to expand its financial surveillance (0 Replies)
  5. US offering billions to coerce Indonesia into normalization with Israel (0 Replies)
  6. Israel: Orthodox Jews protest against the state of Israel and Zionism (0 Replies)
  7. Afghanistan: Death squads - The CIA's dirty business (0 Replies)
  8. Palestinians showcase a Christmas dabke (0 Replies)
  9. Much of the world may not have access to a COVID-19 vaccine until 2022 (1 Reply)
  10. Indonesia: Forest guardians fight for the environment (1 Reply)
  11. South Africa: New COVID-19 variant identified (0 Replies)
  12. 82% of US population can't handle $500 emergency (0 Replies)
  13. US: Republican senator blocks bill to provide $1,200 stimulus checks (0 Replies)
  14. South Korea: Disposable monitoring kit developed to detect airborne viruses (0 Replies)
  15. India to produce 300 million doses of Russia's Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine (0 Replies)
  16. US: Trump administration weakens endangered species’ protections (0 Replies)
  17. A close-up of COVID-19 in lung cells (0 Replies)
  18. Facebook under fire for using Israelis from notorious unit to spy on users (0 Replies)
  19. Iran calls for end to development, testing of nuclear weapons: Envoy (0 Replies)
  20. World’s cheapest broadband internet prices are in Europe, Central Asia (0 Replies)