white nationalist marching in virginia
so, am i the only person that found their use of tiki torches amusing?

[Image: article-charlottesville-4-0811.jpg]

i mean, for a group of people claiming to be from a superior race to utilize a style of torch that originates from a race other than their own (polynesians)... well, idk... but, seeing how you can purchase these delightfully stylish bamboo torches from walmart for 5.99 a pair (excluding the fuel), well that's a bargain i suppose... too bad they are probably made in china.

i find tiki torches to be more ascetically pleasing than an oil soaked rag wrapped around a stick, so i suppose that's some common ground between myself and the white supremacist in virginia. on the one hand, fire means business and on the other, the tiki torch means party... although to the ancient polynesians it probably meant a cure for being afraid of the dark anymore.

anyway... hey! wait! lol... chinese made polynesian torches carried by white supremacist during a demonstration? dang...

i think the real issue is that american white nationalism has stolen our tiki torches: they shall now forever be a symbol of racism instead of a symbol of tropical party... just like how the nazis stole the swastica. just history repeating.

a little background info: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national...-1.3404681

so, i guess you can say this is about a statue of a confederate general... or not. it's up to you.

as a californian, i tend not to pay attention to the concerns of the south since, for the most part, they don't concern me... but, it in this case, i feel that removing the statue is kind of dumb... i'm not from there so i don't feel i can totally understand the issue. but, if this trend does continue... are they going to fuzz out the 'general lee' from the dukes of hazard reruns too? as i recall, there is a similar issue regarding christmas trees too.
I guess you are not the only one who feels that way.

PAtton Oswalt on twitter said Hitler's last words were:

"Just make sure the Nazi's never march with tiki torches. I'm trying to save Germany, not Gilligan's island"

I don't know. You said the superior race, but they are being represented by an inferior group of people. Even if you wanted to preserve American History by saying don't take the statue down...Even if your intentions are not racist, your points will be convoluted and lost among the idiots that are using this event as an excuse to spread their hate.

You'll have to listen to them. They may say they mean well, but you can tell it's a smoke screen for their agendas. And the media will only report on the hate mongering, since it generates a buzz.  The people with any intelligence about this knew enough to stay home. I agree, the statue should NOT be taken down. It's a part of history... Just like if they decide to take a MLK statue down, I'd be against that, too. But I know better than to go there because trying to explain the stance  about preserving American history (or any non-racist reason you are marching) in the midst of racist fucks is an exercise in futility.

Having said that, the majority of people there were uneducated racists, hiding their agenda and making themselves feel good by saying they are standing up for something... God knows they don't have anything else to keep them busy. Civil war was not all about slavery, but a lot had to do with it. The South wanted independence from the north, so they can do their own thing, so I wonder if the comparison can be made that the South thought the North enslaved them, and was seeking their own independence... All while wanting to keep enslaving the black people; bunch of Hypocritical hicks... Just my uneducated guess.

I bet the Home Depot down there must have had a sale on Tiki Torches... They were probably sold out of crosses to set on fire...
I have an amendment to make on this...

After further thought and listening to other's opinions, I think the statue SHOULD be taken down from actual courthouses or other official government buildings.

Why, Because Robert E Lee, although a great general, was the LOSER. Losers don't exist in real life as something to be commemorated. His statue can be put in a museum regarding the history of the war, but not actual buildings.

When I heard this point, I thought of something: We don't have statues of King George on/by govt buildings. HE was another adversary we defeated.

This could have been a better debate if this was actually what was debated, and not an excuse for Asshole (not even Neo-Nazi's)... More like racist retards to push their hate by using this as an excuse. It's down now anyway, so I guess they sabotaged their own "cause"

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