some food for thought
I understand what you're saying but the facts are that the Daz3D community chose monolithic threads over per request threads and they haven't changed their minds in spite of my urging or yours; they're not hurting the wider SuprBay community; and I'm not convinced that duplicating our existing forum structure in miniature would be a good idea even if it worked (which all available evidence suggests it wouldn't). So we are not going to take a "build it and hope" approach.
For me I am dittoing sikotikxiii.. never knew they were there and really did not look further than our Daz forum, so that is useful info. not sure how many people will go there, but time will tell.
I'm sorry, I didn't read this topic before to create my first thread (who is very Kat friendly).

Sid, I suggest that you rename the title of the thread and you label it on the "Important Threads" section. We came to this forum, we must adapt.

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