(req) Demon Island
Stretching the very idea of what a piñata can look like, and almost certainly our first “evil piñata” film, it’s Demon Island!
Hundreds of years ago, a shaman in a remote village took all the evil impulses out of his people and put them into a clay “piñata” shaped like a demon. Then the villagers sent the clay piñata floating down a river. If the piñata is ever smashed, all that evil will be released upon the world and cause endless destruction. So hey, what could go wrong?
The answer, as always: COLLEGE KIDS. Specifically, fraternity and sorority kids who go to the titular island for an underwear scavenger hunt. Thrill as Jaime Pressly and the guy who played Xander on Buffy the Vampire Slayer struggle to provide romantic tension in this pseudo Spring Break adventure. But then, whaddaya know, a couple of stoned sophomores find the ancient clay demon - which they somehow recognize as a piñata - and smash it open, releasing all kinds of adorable heck. He’s a cute little clay demon who runs around on his cute little legs and wreaks all kinds of cute bloody havoc on the partying coeds. Cute!
Imagine your ugliest stuffed animal coming to life and sort of awkwardly chasing you around with a stick, and you’ll start to fathom the terror of this movie. Grab a bottle of Fireball, or whatever college kids drink these days, and join Mike, Kevin and Bill for a cruise over to Demon Island!
Written by: Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, Conor Lastowka, Sean Thomason, Jason Miller, and Zach Shatzer

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