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password protected torrents - u suck
There will be times I can't find what i am looking for on the pirate and will find it elsewhere doing a search. Get it downloaded, open it up and you either need a password to open it or a password to open the keygen etc....
You Suck.
I can't believe you even have the nerve to put your name on that crap.
1. If you are doing it for the $$$$ - u are basically in the business of stealing software and reselling it......or shortened - a scumbag.
2. Long ago, I used to be stupid enough to go to the links. More often than not I always ended up with malware or some crap on my computer......again, shortened - a scumbag.

and then you even put your name on it like you are proud of it.

I just d/l'd Prodad Prodrenaline. I had 2 d/l's, one from the Pirate and one from elsewhere, a well known tracker site.
The other one finished 1st, by Mahiy, so I open it and of course u need a password.
moments later the one from the pirate finished, by tordigger, I open it and the serial #'s are there in a text file, could not have been simpler

Mahiy - scumbag who steals software and then basically tries to resell it. I would almost bet if you did get the password and open it, all he did was steal the serial's from tordigger, slapped them in a keygen and put a password on it.

I often get these programs because I got sick and tired of spending the money to buy them and then find out they did not do what i want, did not work right on my computer etc.......so I would basically be screwed out of the money.
I do admit I also use some programs , knowing they were good, like photoshop, but in a million years I would never have bought it so I don;t feel like they lost any money on me.

Then you get scumbags like mahiy who try to get you to go to a site so they make money........I believe i would honestly just as soon buy the real program, even for a couple of hundred, then feed those scumbags.

Sorry, I just d/l'd a few and it pisses me off obviously. So many people spend what i imagine is a lot of time cracking programs etc and then share freely, so I get pissed when these other guys think they need to make a buck on it. decayed capitalism - all that matters is what is in it for me........and I am sick of it.

sorry for the rant
You can try this in the future if you want to know before you download the whole torrent.

If you want to help others out, be sure to leave a comment on the torrent informing others not to waste their time on downloading something that requires external polls/links/etc.
See here how to check if a .rar file is password protected or not before downloading it completly :


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