need help
I'm new to hacking and stuff so i think that network  migt be the right place to post this!! how to make torjan horse???
You need wood and a lot of greeks.
Try playing around with Kali Linux or Parrot Security OS. I have never built a trojan so I can't give advice on that, but for network hacking use those two distros.
Network pen and compiling Trojans? Maybe start with understanding firstly why you want to pen networks. Then think of the results of being caught for you. Then start reading. Understand why your question shows your lack of basic knowledge.

Maybe re-evaluate your motivations both present and for future.

Useful links:

Hope these help you gain understanding that what you see, hear and see on internet is not real world. You want to learn? Use the best tool in world. Your brain.

With respect.
Exploit kits i-e These are pre-packaged sets of tools and code that can be used to create and distribute Trojans. Exploit kits take advantage of vulnerabilities in software or operating systems to install Trojans without the user's knowledge.

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