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Poll: What should be done
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Let them fight as they are
1 20.00%
make a transgengder class
4 80.00%
have fighters sign waivers as to who they fight.
0 0%
Total 5 vote(s) 100%
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male vs. female and the struggle for equality brought us here:
You all missing one important and crucial point here.
since the beginning of Time and Space...Humanity and Humans never plays fair.....
Look all that I am saying is that you're noticing one part (logical incongruity of transgender MMA) of a more bigger globalist plan to destabilize humanity.  You are awakened and disturbed by it, so thats good, you are using your head instead of going along.

However, the attack is on multiple fronts to mess with natural logic and order of things.. here's another example: http://www.infowars.com/pope-palpatine-c...y-to-isis/ See how Jesus (a figure that was always portrayed for good moral values) now is proclaimed by an authority figure (pope francis is an agent of the globalists) to be evil;  And if you watch the video fully pedophilia is now supposed to be good?

as far as your poll.. i choose none of the answers.. let transgenders fight transgenders.. look I have no problem with you being whatever you want to be as long as you don't infringe my privacy and my rights. I personally think that athletes cheat by taking hormones to become more masculine or more feminine.. or if they disguise their original sex (it should be what the person was originally.. not whatever freak thing he chooses to be.. what if i choose to be a 5 year old girl as a 30sh guy.. that sound normal to you? I mean these people need psychological advice). Theres no problem with letting them do with their body what they want.. there is a problem of them using it as an advantage in an equal playing field or drawing to much attention (lets face it as a race we have to be normal to produce offspring and raise healthy minded children.. not children with 2 daddies or 3 daddies in case of test tube babies). There are waaaay more normal people than transgender.. so I wanna hear more on tv on how to build a good family and raise healthy children rather than the desires of some sick minded individuals all day.
Hey now!

In America, my stupid country, they think that a boy who thinks for some reason that he is a girl should be able to go to the same bathroom as a real girl, and should be able to shower in the same shower as a real girl, and should be able to compete in female sports, only because they say they are a girl.

Dear god. When I was in high school I would have done anything to be able to go into the girl's bathrooms and showers. Nowadays all it seems I would need to do is say I'm a girl!. Well give me a time machine please so I can go back and claim that I am a girl! God, just think of the masturbation! The girl's shower would be filled with more semen than water.

Stupidist law ever.

BTW, I'm a woman and should be allowed to go into any college shower I want. I'll just put on some mascara and lipstick and I'm good to go.

Voyeur city! Or if I wasn't as nice, Rape city!

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