Zodiac Films
Hey Folks,

I had decent copies of the Zodiac Films on a HD that went bust and I lost them, now I'm trying to get them back. Note: I've re-downloaded some but they were of inferior quality, so I'm not looking for just any torrent to these movies.

Looking for:

    1. I Jomfruens tegn (Finn Karlsson, 1973) (Virgo)
    2. I Tyrens tegn (Werner Hedman, 1974) (Taurus)
    3. I Tvillingernes tegn (Werner Hedman, 1975) (Gemini)
    4. I Løvens tegn (Werner Hedman, 1976) (Leo)
    5. Agent 69 Jensen i Skorpionens tegn (Werner Hedman, 1977) (Scorpio)
    6. Agent 69 Jensen i Skyttens tegn (Werner Hedman, 1978) (Sagittarius)

These movies are amazing!!!

Note this is cross-posted in Video Requests because it blurs the line between film and porn

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