Youtube's embeded player (or a better alternative?)
I've been working on an experiment and it would be great if I could find a site like Youtube where I can upload videos to share.

Only...  I don't want youtube's giant logo on the player.  (I also don't want to deal with youtube's copyright BS or its political agendas)

So anyone know of an alternative or some kind of trick around the problem(s) ?
I would suggest that most sites will all be the same.  Doesn't matter whether YouTube or any other sites they all seem just as bad.  It's very hard now to find somewhere to host something like a video and although YouTube has massive amounts of space to keep all the stuff people upload, there's still a huge amount of bullshit rules that they follow.  Break any of these rules and they jump on you just like that.  All the other sites that are like YouTube share the same kind of system because they are scared of people uploading very graphic or disturbing content that might upset people and cause them to complain to the people who allow all the hosting to go ahead.

As of how things are now in 2022, a lot has changed over the years and things have become more strict and more dangerous for both sides involved the uploader and the hoster.  It's all a very dangerous game now, one which you should tread with caution.  Having stuff being taken down now is a very common practise.  They do it and make mistakes and take down things even if there's no harm done or nothing wrong at all.  I can't suggest anything to you because I don't know of any place where they have relaxed rules they all follow the same protocol and that is to take things down on a frequent basis.

It's probably the reason why people come to TPB instead because trying to upload stuff to YouTube is a really annoying venture to mess around in and I'm sorry but if you put effort in and they remove it you'll get no chance of having that content put back.  In most situations it's gone and forgotten the YouTube method of operation.

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