What kinds of planning methods do you guys use before writing a program?
(Dec 23, 2016, 20:05 pm)AncientRome Wrote: It's not a stupid question. Some people don't like to plan ahead and just dive in, that's the way I am.

If you're programming for the expansion of knowledge, try focusing on your weaknesses in programming, that way your skills increase and will make things easier to do in the future.

Taking other peoples code and taking it apart to see how it works isn't cheating, it's how people reverse engineer and learn things without needing books or official training. Think of it as experiencing the code rather than simply being told what it is. And most of the time, they are just bare-bones examples/samples and meant to be added onto.

Bro,  that's cheating. Telling someone  just go and steal code to do your project. You're taking someone else's work and using it in your project. That's cheating because you have no clue how the code works but copy and past it is the same and asking someone alse for the answer and then repeating it to your teacher without understanding why it's the answer.

Reverse engineering is something different than suggesting someone to copy and past code.  Reverse engineering can only be done if you understand the concepts at hand. 

I never had to copy and past code to write my own software. I took the time to learn the concepts and then did small projects. Over time I grew better at coding by doing bigger and bigger projects and not looking at other peoples code.

I never to this day looked at someone elses code. I personally don't need to. Manuals and apis have documentation to learn the syntax and commands/instructions used. 

So, yes I can tell the person didn't grasp the programming concepts and for others to just tell him to copy and past code that it will help him out. You're basically sayin don't learn shit just copy others work and put it into your program. Which means the person will never learn and instead will keep relying on other to solve basic problems for him.

(Dec 23, 2016, 20:45 pm)RobertX Wrote: Here's how I did it in the past:

- determine what I am going to do
- determine the features
- determine what kinds of research that must be done, like how to make a GUI, how to program buttons, etc.
- write out the code in paper
- actually code it (and test the code in each degree of completion)
- document (i.e. comment)

You see, I already graduated in college with a diploma in computer programming, but they don't teach everything. I guess it's up to me to learn the missing bits, and that's what I intend to do.

Thank you hockey and thank you AncientRome; your inputs were useful. I will make a program worthy of your respect. Smile
[quote pid='167353' dateline='1482540304']

i doubt you graduated college because there's no such thing as a diploma in computer programming. There's A CS degree meaning a degree of computer science.  SMH  the universities don't give out degrees in programming. They give out degrees in different fields of computer technology. 

Again why ask the question if you already know how to plan things out? Above what your posted is more than good enough. Yet, you have said before you keep ripping up the paper because it always ends up not working or writing more code than needed.  Which means you need to actually learn the concepts behind programming to fix that issue which is what I keep saying. You don't fix this by copying and pasting code from someone else. 
Here's where I graduated: www.humber.ca

Anyhow, I'll leave this thread since it's taken a downward spiral to arguing.

hockey97 Wrote:Bro, that's cheating. Telling someone just go and steal code to do your project. You're taking someone else's work and using it in your project. That's cheating because you have no clue how the code works but copy and past it is the same and asking someone alse for the answer and then repeating it to your teacher without understanding why it's the answer.
I never said copy and paste. If that is what you took from my post then you're a fool.

As for not learning shit. I learned more in 5 years than people who went to get degrees at school.
Experience trumps a piece of paper.

hockey97 Wrote:I never to this day looked at someone elses code. I personally don't need to. Manuals and apis have documentation to learn the syntax and commands/instructions used.
You can reinvent the wheel all you want, after all it will be your time that gets wasted.

Looking at other people's code will not only show you different ways to achieve goals, but can also inspire. If you don't want to learn from others that is your choice.
Examples are here there for a reason, there is no need to shame others for wanting to learn from them.
Hey Robert.

Don't know if you've completely given up on this thread, but let me say something positive here: you're on the right track. Pseudocode is the right place to start. What I would add is that you breakdown the GUI you're planning to design into very, very basic components. Like each component's functionality cannot be broken down any further than you already have. Then set to work, coding it from the ground up. It sounds mind-numbingly frustrating, but this approach tends to pay good dividends and will allow you to get better at programming, such that you do it by second nature. Hope this helps.
I've always recommended people to check out the website HotScripts. It has a lot of examples to help people get started with something they are interested in.
Thankfully most of the scripts are free.

You can learn in any way that you wish and you don't have to limit yourself if you don't want to.
I hope you enjoy coding and have pride in everything you make, but do keep that pride in check. Wink
I don't know.  Just go and goof off!  That's what I recommend.  I really goffed and maybe that's my problem... I spent 30+ years to finally get somewhere in C.  Even now I only know MS-DOS programming.  So I'm stuck in the 80's with MS-DOS 6.22 after 30+ years of goof.  However I can do anything I want in MS-DOS and I could care less what the heck others think of me so long that my parents are happy and can be supported by my programming.  

I tried Windows and that is another league.  It's too advanced for me.  Windows programming requires WINENTRY procedure and all and it really stings.  I looked into it for a week and just called it quits.  Now I'm back to MS-DOS programming.

For me my advice is just have fun.  If you give up then you are not meant for it.  Programming isn't supposed to be that hard unless it is not for you.  Just a thought.  

I welcome all comments questions etc.  Just know I only know MS-DOS programming.

I'm not really that good.  It took me 30+ years to do something like this.


It works for MS-DOS 6.22 and also for 32bit versions of Windows XP.

Just double-click the downloaded single file and it prints out a message.

Press a key and it exits.

So simple yet so torrent hehe


The link is to a Windows program.  It is technically DOSBox 0.74 that is automatically exploited to run MS-DOS programs!  There is a source code C file that shows the entire INTRO.  You know when these hackers go out and show people scrolling credits and all...  well I made my own from my own mind.  It goes to show a lot of hard work and encouragements from my parents especially my mom along with my two sisters who shows up their brother; Also, to mention that I have a friend who is a girl that I love dearly and hopefully we will have a daughter of our own one day.

<Names snipped for reasons of privacy and common sense. /Admin>

"Keep going!" - my real mom
"Try to at least be a programmer if you can't be an Engineer." - my real dad
[take care of your family and enjoy] - my real two sisters

Thank you Jesus Christ!


This software is written and made to work on various Windows.


Just to let you know programming is not easy.  I took community college and night classes too in addition to the regular day from 1990 to 1996.  I went to Lehigh County Community College in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania and only was able to officially receive close to a two year Associates Degree in Liberal Arts.

<Names snipped for reasons of privacy and common sense. /Admin>
Some people just have that bless touch! hehe Yes seriously I believe there is something special that comes with programming. You said you already know how to program and you are just trying to get into things. If that is true then keep going on the path you are going. If you really did graduate then that is a very successful accomplishments. However remember some people work from the bottom up. They never graduated yet they are able to support their families like my mom. Other people like my dad continues to study all his life even in his family years while having kids. So just because you have graduated does not indicate that you are going to be successful. I take after my two parents thanks to GOD 0 AD! I went to school part time for many years and never completed my studies yet I can program something here and there. It might not be NASA or for the government and that is okay with me for now. I admire the way my parents sweat for their little pay to support the family.

So the one advice I give is if you really want to program then to just keep trying and have faith in GOD 0 AD through his only son JESUS! Like myself I started to programming when I was a little kid. I could do little things and left programming because it got boring. After all there is only so much you can do programming. It is like going to work everyday. My mom says same thing different day. Once you get the hang of it you are in business.

The problem is getting the hang of it in the first place. That is the hardest part. If you do not get it now then maybe skydiving is not for you. hehe

By the way my two sisters graduated and they get paid!!! Maybe that's why I am sitting home twiddling my thumbs all day long. hehe

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