What is this folder please
Hi, I just noticed this folder in my downloads (using Qbittorrent).

It has a number '261700'.  When I go into the folder it's full of 'pdf' files with codes like '0ee0560z534xd23c8bdbhd1b2dc09e75'

I can't seem to open any of the files using adobe or calibre prog.  So it appears my system automatically labels them as pdf files.

There are 129 of these files in the folder.  

I think it's an incomplete download which I deleted but maybe didn't get round to removing from my downloads folder?

I just managed to open one of the files in my media player (?) - it seems to be a comic book of some kind but I have no idea how it got there.

It doesn't seem malevolent.
You could check the file timestamp to see if it offers a clue.
Maybe it was from a torrent file embedded in another torrent. Qbittorrent offers to download torrents embedded in torrents.
Am assuming the downloads directory is exclusive to Qbit.

Run AV scan. Problem solved.

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