What happens when the people regulating the internet don't understand how it works...
They pass nonsensically unenforceable laws like this.  Maybe none of them figured out how to search the phisibles section on TPB?  



Quote:WASHINGTON — For years, Cody Wilson, a champion of gun-rights and anarchism from Texas, has waged a battle to post on the internet the blueprints for making plastic guns on 3-D printers, claiming the First Amendment gives him the right to do it.
Plastic guns are difficult to detect, and concerned about making it easier to produce them, the Obama administration had used export laws banning the foreign distribution of firearms to prevent publication of the blueprints. But an abrupt reversal by the State Department last month appeared to finally clear the path for Mr. Wilson to usher in what his website calls “the age of the downloadable gun.”
That age, he said, would start Wednesday when he would begin uploading the instructions. But faced with dire warnings about an imminent risk to public safety from alarmed public officials across the country, a federal judge in Seattle on Tuesday evening abruptly granted a temporary nationwide injunction blocking Mr. Wilson from moving forward with his plans.
Attorneys general in eight states and the District of Columbia had filed a joint lawsuit attempting to force the Trump administration to prevent Mr. Wilson’s nonprofit organization, Defense Distributed, from making the technical plans for the plastic guns available online.
USA's Constitution says people can have arms. Guess how and which is up to the government to decide.
Of course, one should not walk around with a machine gun without any reason to, but that's freedom. Maybe one's afraid of sudden mass attack.

Why would one use a concealed, undetectable, or even disguised (as phone or pen) weapon?
To avoid being disarmed if captured? Theoretical, but unnefective under real duress; a thieve would take it from you before anything.
More likely to evade regulation, as a cop would not take your gun if everything is ok, and that's what those undetectable guns are for, to be held where they shouldn't.

Where should an american not carry weapons? Airports? Fast-food restaurants? Schools? Theaters? Buses? Work? Downtown NY? Downtown Flint?

The real matter seems to be how americans are willing to go with regulations, because current guns are more plastic each day, and 3D printers came to stay.
Post it on TPB and solution solved. Try to regulate the internet and more people get hit then were intentionally set out to get hit.
Blueprints, even to make guns, are simply information. You can't stop people sharing information on the internet was my point. It's the equivalent of trying to put a genie back in a bottle.
I notice, and agree information on books, TV, or the Internet should remain free, but "how to home make anthrax" concerns me.
The only difference I see on the digital communication is the ability to easily make real stuff; when more capable synthetisers (printers) come out, one could do nearly anything without knowledge or responsibility. So I'm pointing out the problem is not the information itself, but the results. Unfortunately, unless 3D printers can be controlled, one day any kid or psycho will easily print unthinkable things.

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