What are your favorite TV shows?
I watched Twin Peaks recently. Then I get halfway through and find out they're doing a new limited series. Between new episodes, I rewatched the original with my wife so she could watch the new with me. Seriously excellent TV show. Don't let the second season slump get to you, the last few episodes are great and the new season is also amazing.
Anyone up for Are You Being Served?
Right now I am following GLOW on netflix. Going pretty intense now.

Sorry RobertX. I don't follow it.
Understandable, it's a British comedy show that ran in the 70s.

I've only followed it because my British friend recommended it.

I like Sesame Street. I learned most of my French there.
Game Of Thrones | RuPaul's Drag Race are my all time fav Smile
Honourable mention for Mr. Bean!
Castle, Futurama, Family guy, American Dad, Vikings, Black Mirror
Suits, Queen of the South, Better Call Saul and Taboo.
South Park, Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, Game of Throne
my favourite television shows are doctor who, peep show, and the thick of it.

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