What are your favorite TV shows?
Current favs are 12 Monkeys, Agent Carter, Continuum, Black Sails
(Oct 24, 2014, 05:43 am)HeroMaster Wrote: Game of thrones, highly anticipated Tv-Show of all time Smile

I could not agree more the anticipation is killing me  Big Grin

Vikings, The 100, 12 Monkeys, Black Sails, The Walking Dead and Game of thrones when its back on!
p.s All time favorite is Stargate all of them!
Vikings and supernatural
The O.C
Οι Αμερικανοί
The Walking dead, friends, big bang theory, sherlock, fringe and arrow
Who can forget The Three Stooges?
dominion, game of thrones
Man, I was never able to get into Farscape although I liked Ben Crowder and Claudia Black in SG-1.

My faves are Combat!, The Shield, Police Story (why has that never been on TPB???), and I'm kinda digging Deutschland 83!

ETA: How could I forget GoT, Firefly, TWD!!!

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