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Welcome, if you're joining us from KAT
(Jul 28, 2016, 21:48 pm)Killua Wrote: I always have been in both sites (KAT and TPB). Just today i noticed that KAT was gone, i was almost 1 moth and half without internet. Hopefully they will be back Big Grin

In a sense, KAT is. As Sid posted, the forums are back up, if slowly getting back to their former abilities. The fact that the staff did this all on its own, without any of the original code, speaks well of them.

The file sharing is off in the distance. I think KAT being bitten has led to the folks in charge being gun-shy at the moment. It's understandable. But I wouldn't rule it out for the future.
Hey, I'm a former KAT user lol... You all take care hey... Smile
(Jul 29, 2016, 04:35 am)bubanee Wrote: Hey, I'm a former KAT user lol... You all take care hey... Smile

Hey bubs! Good to see you here. Smile
(Jul 29, 2016, 04:35 am)bubanee Wrote: Hey, I'm a former KAT user lol... You all take care hey... Smile

bubs! Two days ago a few of us up on KAT were commiserating with one another about your not being around. Last time I looked, you were taking a vacation from the place. Good to see you, wherever that may be. Smile
(Jul 21, 2016, 23:25 pm)Sid Wrote: Note that some new tips have been added to the opening post.

(Jul 21, 2016, 23:13 pm)zMTz Wrote: Given the KAT founder really made little to no effort in covering his tracks

Don't be obtuse. He managed to stay hidden for 7 years in spite of the no doubt intense searching that was being done for him by multiple commercial and government interests. He did a pretty fucking good job of covering his tracks but they only had to get lucky once, he had to stay lucky every single hour of every single day from BEFORE he became a target.

Well said Sid. By the time Internet Archives are being used against you, you're pretty much living on a prayer. Unfortunately people don't seem to be learning an equally important lesson: don't use Facebook etc with your hidden identities. As much as sites these days are trying to get on Facebook and Twitter for the sake of their members and so on, it is a double-edged sword and it should be held carefully.

(Jul 22, 2016, 11:56 am)prodigydancer Wrote: KAT admins believed that honoring takedown requests would save them. The fools. Someone should've told them about the consequences of dealing with the devil.

Let this sad story finally be a lesson, a cautionary tale for the rest of us. Whether you did anything wrong or not, is irrelevant. All that matters is how rich you are. If you're 1%, you're above the law. If you're just wealthy, you'll be treated as the law dictates. Everybody else is guilty by default.

Never hope that the authorities will treat you fairly. Never try to cut a deal. Just learn to hide your tracks and be on alert all the time. Sleep with one eye open, as they say.

Mr. prodigy, you have the truth of it.

(Jul 23, 2016, 02:24 am)Sid Wrote: Received from a trusted source:

Quote:KAT has not officially returned and we're not sure if it will. We were noticing that in general it's the thread community that our users are missing. So us KAT Crew have revived a thread only site, with many of the old threads duplicated. All starting from scratch of course...

https://katcr.co/community/ .. Make sure to use your former name from KAT... accounts will be approved by admins .. if anyone gets caught trying to "jump over the fence" there is no appeal system guys ... also make sure to register with a dummy email, we don't want your data .... be safe .... Love and peace

It has been reported that it is best to wait for a while before trying to log in, you do not always get an email confirmation.

I hope you guys will carry on posting here as well but, if not, perhaps you could tell your less adventuresome friends back at your [new] home that we're not all rapists and murderers.

Well Sid, I for one am willing to testify to the friendly nature of the people here. The first post of this thread alone speaks volumes in your defense. Thanks.
was away from the scene for sometime. any idea on where kat uploaders migrated to?
I always liked KAT for its on-time, up-to-date puroresu (Japanese pro wrestling) torrents.

I really hope they'll come back.
(Sep 29, 2016, 16:21 pm)FAMAS Wrote: was away from the scene for sometime. any idea on where kat uploaders migrated to?

This is the place I've gone to put up my releases. I think it's one of the most friendly and trustworthy file sharing sites around. If you check under the Promote Your Shares area, you'll probably recognize a few other KATians.
If SuprBay was friendly, I must be a philanthropist.

Just kidding. I've been around here for seven years. Believe me, nothing beats SuprBay/The Pirate Bay is very user-friendly in getting content.

People in the past set up a ratio system to calculate how much you must give back for downloading, and others use archaic, non-torrent downloads like Rapidgator and you have to pay to get them or wait forever to get those files.

Quite simply, TPB does not do those things.

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